how long does a temporary tattoo lasts?

Today, more and more people choose a temporary tattoo instead of the permanent one.

You may ask, how long does a temporary tattoo last?

Normally speaking, it can last 3- 7 days.

It depends on where you apply it. For example, if you apply it to your wrist, it may last 3 days only. Because of this body position, we use it a lot in our daily life. Tattoos in this part will be easily rubbed. So it fades away soon.

If you apply it to somewhere not easy to touch, for example, on the back of the body, it may last 7 days.

Compare to a permanent tattoo, a temporary tattoo is easy to get and easy to remove. You can put it in any place of your body. When you don’t like it, you can get rid of it in seconds. Are you ready for a temporary tattoo now?


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