Child Resistant (CR) jars

Most popular capacity of CR glass jar

5ml, 7ml and 9 ml CR glass jars are the most popular, thus it’ easy to get them in the market, because for popular jars, in most of the time, factories are like to produce more and keep them in stock. There are also people who need 3 ml, but it’s less popular. 

Popular styles of CR glass jar

Round CR glass jar and square CR glass are


 we usually have color white, black and clear in stock. The cap can be different styles, same are smooth caps, some with patterns, some are glossy and some are matte.

How to custom my own brand on the glass jar?

Normally speaking, there are 2 ways to custom a CR jar. 

First, silk print. We can help clients print their logos, slogans, Ingredients on the jars’ surface. For Silk printing, a small quantity will cost a lot.

Second, label stickers. Label stickers are more colorful compare to silk printing, and it’s easy to get. Both are easy to do for small quantities or large quantities.


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