Customization Child-resistant tin boxes and cans from China

Child resistant tin also called childproof can. With a childproof button, children who under 3 years old not easy to open it.

As we all know that things like pre rolls,cannabis, vape, cartridges and mushroom chocolates, we don’t want our kids put them into their mouths by mistake. Thus child-resistant packaging is very important to these products. As a manufacturer of metal tins and cans, we can do customized boxes in different shapes and sizes, we can also print customers’ art on them. 

Colorful child resistant tins

Inside view of the child-resistant tin box

Inside the tin box, sometimes, it’s empty. But it’s also very common to have insert trays. Usually, trays are made of 3 materials. They are plastic trays, EVA foam trays, and rubber trays. The trays can be different colors. For example, black, white , clear or other. 

FAQ of custom child-resistant tin box

  1. What is the minimum order quantity? –Usually, 5000 pcs. A lower quantity can be accepted, but the price is higher.
  2.  what is the shipping method? —By sea or by air both Okay 
  3.  what’s the lead time?  —–Normally speaking, customization childproof box production time is about 20 days. If ship by sea, take the ship to US as an example, the fastest door to door shipping takes 30 days. 
  4. How can I get in contact with you? —–Send us an e-mail or what’s up message both okay.

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