4 tips for custom temporary tattoos

What temporary tattoo can do?

Temporary tattoo stickers are very popular in these days. It’s a good advertising way for brands.  When there is an event, make a temporary tatoo with your design or style, that’s more than cool! Before make a decision to custom a temproary tattoo or not, below tips can give you some ideas.

What will influence the temporary tattoo price?

1.  Tattoo size




Tattoo size is very important to the tattoo price. Larger size will need more ink and more paper,thus the price is higher. Besides, if a tattoo size is bigger, then it’s unit weight is heavier, thus the shipping cost will be higher.




2. Tattoo ink

Tattoo ink also have influence to the custom tattoo price. Normally speaking, a tattoo with white ink price will be higher thanthe tattoos which no white ink price will be cheaper.

3. Temporary tattoo user guide

Temporary tattoo stickers are become more and more popular. 

Even without a user guide, people can easy know who to apply a temporary tattoo. 

If there is small budget, we can consider no printing on the back of the tattoo sheet, this can save some money. 

If budget is enough, you can also design the tattoo sheet back printing, can including your logo, your brand or any other slogans you want to show to others. 

4.Tattoo packaging method

There are many packing methods of temporary tattoos, you can custom your packaging. Here are 4 popular packing methods.

1. bulk packaging–no bag.

2. packing with a clear square opp bag.

3. packing with a clear bag with hanging hole.
4. pack with paper envelope bag. usually client provide designs .

We help you make the tattoo ideal come realistic!

Custom temproary tattoo stickers?




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