customized mailer boxes


A good mailer box can help the brand give a good first impression to customers.

No matter buy in-stock mailer boxes or custom your design boxes, welcome to contact us!

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According to the printed method, there are 3 styles of mailer boxes.

No printing  mailer boxes

For example, white mailer boxes, black mailer boxes, pink mailer boxes, kraft paper mailer boxes. Usually these boxes are not printed.


One side printed mailer boxes

With the exterior side of the boxes is printed, people can easily see the brand name. While inside of the boxes there is no printing that can save the boxes cost.

Double sides printed mailer boxes 

Both outside and inside of the boxes are printed, this style of boxes are beautiful, price is higher than no printed boxes.


Except printing, when customizing mailer boxes, people can also choose some other treatment to make the boxes looks more beautiful. For example, We can do embossed/debossed on the boxes, the surface of the boxes, we can do matte lamination or glossy lamination. At the same time, we can also do gold foil stamping or silver stamping, or another color stamping.


Any mailer boxes we can do, are you ready to contact us now?