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Any style, quantiy, color and design are possible

Explore vape pen boxes styles

Slide vape pen or cartridge packaging boxes

This style is a slide box. It consists of 2 parts- the outside box and the inner box. Usually, there is a sling loop at bottom of the inner box for people to easily pull off the boxes. Or there is a small half-moon shape cust at the outside pieces for people to open the boxes. 

Child resistant vape pen packaging boxes

Usually, there is a button on the side of the bottom of the boxes to make it childproof. As we all know that vape products are better kept far away from kids. When a kid gets a vape that is packed by the child-resistant box, he can not open it easily.

vape cartridges boxes made of art paper

one of the advantages of an art paper packing box is its lightweight, nowadays, shipping cost increase a lot, light weight vape pen boxes can help sellers save shipping cost,  make the goods more affordable for the customers.

multi vapes packaging boxes

 A packaging box can carry several vape pens. This can be  any styles, colors. 

Vape pen packaging boxes with a clear windeow at the side

How can a customer know how the vape is looks like through a packaging box? A clear window can help. Windows can at any places. For example, at side, at middle of the boxes. 

Other vape pen cartridges packaging boxes

As a manufacturer, Runzio can do many many different styles of vape pen packaging boxes according to the client’s needs. if you want to know more, welcome to visit our website.

What Can Do for A Customer Who Need Vape Pen Boxes?

With about 20 years experience of packaging boxes, packaging bags, label stickers supply, Runzio’s factory has more than 10 years experience in CBD products packaging solution. We have a full experience team who can help clients from design to shipping. If you got an design already, send us your design, we can produce the vape pen boxes directly. If you don’t have a design artwork, just simply tell us your ideas of the packaging, the rest are left for us.The material we use for manufacturing packaging boxes

The Material We Use For Manufacturing Packaging Boxes

The packaging material used to manufacture the boxes depends on the customer’s requirement, we can also give our clients some suggestions before they don’t have ideas. Normally, there is hardboard paper or simply art paper.  

What’s the MOQ for A vape Pen/cartridge ?

Business starters may worry if the MOQ of the vape boxes are too big to order. Don’t worry, for most boxes, MOQ is 100 pieces. It’s friendly to the people who want to make a test order at the beginning.


How Long It Will Take to Producing Vape Pen Packaging Boxes?

Normally it takes less than 10 days after the design is confirmed as long as the quantity is less than 100k pieces.

For clients who order boxes less than 100,000 pcs in order,  lead time is 15 days.

How can I get the boxes?

We provide air shipping or sea shipping.

 Shipping by air, we choose DHL, UPS, FedEx as our courier, normally takes 5-7 days to all over to the world.

Shipping by sea takes 25-50 days to different countries. For example, from China to the USA, it takes about 30 days.  

We provide door-to-door shipping to most of the cities of the world. People can easily get their customized packaging boxes at their doors.

How to Contact With Runzio to order These Vape Pen Packaging?

It is very easy reach us, on a single click you can visit the website and talk to customer service representatives available in a live chat on the website. Also, the phone numbers and email addresses are mentioned there through which you can send us e-mails or whatsapp message.